John Mckay

C: 604-785-5580
W: 604-785-5580
E: john@johnmckayconsulting.com

I have served for 36 years as a police officer in the RCMP, Winnipeg Police Department and the Vancouver Police Department. 31 of those years were in operational roles.


  • Executive Officer
  • Operational Duty Officer Inspector
  • Incident Commander Inspector
  • Ethics Officer
  • Emergency Response Team Sergeant
  • Crowd Control Unit Sergeant
  • Use of Force Instructor RCMP, Winnipeg Police, Vancouver Police, Justice Institute of B.C.


I have also developed training programs for the Vancouver Police Department and the Justice Institute of BC. Some of these programs include:


  • Use of Force Program
  • Jail Training Program
  • Leadership Training Program
  • Ethics Training Program
  • Crisis intervention Program
  • Advanced Security Training Program
  • Self Defense Training




  • 2nd Degree Black Belt karate instructor
  • Police Combat and Use of Force Instructor RCMP
  • Court Certified expert in Use of Force and Training law enforcement and civilian
  • Crowd Control Tactics and Use of Force Instructor
  • Vancouver Police Department Baton instructor
  • ERT Supervisor and Use of Force instructor
  • Women’s Self Defense instructor
  • Chief Use of Force instructor Vancouver Police Department

Additionally, I am a published author on use of force for Blue Line Magazine, Canada’s Law Enforcement Information Specialists.

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